The True Entrepreneurs

November 20, 2012

By: George Chase, Chief Executive Officer

We have all heard politicians say that small business is the heart and soul of the American economy. Small businesses create the majority of new jobs, invest in capital equipment for growth, develop new products and technologies, and pay a whole lot of money in taxes.

Most small businesses were founded by individuals who had an idea or saw an opportunity and were willing to risk all that they own to make their vision a reality. These are the people who, when their friends and families were going to the beach on a beautiful summer weekend, were hard at work to get out a rush order for an important customer who needed that order delivered Monday morning.

These are the “True Entrepreneurs” of American business. They realize if they don’t satisfy their customer’s needs day after day after day, they won’t get a paycheck. But, because they have faith in their dream, they continue to work hard, make sacrifices, pay their bills, and look forward to a better tomorrow.

Small business owners don’t want government hand outs, or subsidies, or grants. They want to operate their business without government intrusion or over regulation. And finally, after years of sweat and sacrifice, when success comes to the small business owner, they would appreciate not getting “clobbered” with higher taxes to pay for the needs of those who went to the beach that beautiful summer weekend while they were hard at work getting out that rush order for that very important customer.

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