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(A) Definitions: (1) YOU are any person (or entity) viewing the website, whether an individual, a person acting as an agent or employee of a company, or other. (2) WE, US, OUR, OURS, and variations thereof shall be used to denote ChromaScape™ Inc., or any member of the ChromaScape family of brands (Amerimulch, Innotech Decorative Concrete Products, Solution Dispersions, ChromaPave, or any we may develop in the future).

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NOTE: Reproductions of color do tend to look totally different from a computer screen to an actual colored product, and have many variables not within OUR control. Obtain actual samples of the material YOU want in the material YOU are trying to color before ordering – don’t rely on the computer color depiction.

(E) This website is designed primarily for commercial use, and not for consumer use. While we do not intentionally gather any consumer information except that which is provided voluntarily by consumers seeking to learn more about the products or suppliers in their areas, we do assert that by visiting this web page, YOU consent to terms of use of this website, and that by providing information or materials to US through this website, YOU grant US an unrestricted, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display, publicly perform, transmit and distribute any such information and materials, and YOU further agree that WE may use any ideas, concepts or know-how provided to US free of charge. YOU further warrant that no defamatory, threatening, obscene, harassing, or otherwise unlawful, information or information incorporating proprietary material of another shall be sent to US.

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