Amerimulch Spitfire



Save $1/Yd. On Colored Mulch Production

The real value of the Spitfire® system that cannot be overlooked is this: It eliminates one additional handling step in the colored mulch production process. Think about it. If you’ve ever stopped to calculate the real cost of handling wood fiber, you know the savings from eliminating the time, labor, fuel, repair and maintenance costs associated with transporting screened/ground mulch can easily add up to $1.00 per yard. That’s a significant savings, whether you’re producing 10,000 yards or 200,000.

Plus, you can rest assured that Amerimulch® is hands-down the best at Pump Injection Systems. We have the industry’s most experienced technicians who are skilled at modifying any production unit. We’ll guide you in calibrating your per-tote use rate. And our pricing is all inclusive … right down to the installation and training.

Spitfire features an easy-to-read control panel; inverters for power; various sizes to meet virtually any demand; user-friendly fittings and connections; and more diverse spray application systems to modify any trommel screen or grinder. Most important, with regards to complete coverage and water usage rates, it’ll go toe-to-toe against any stand-alone colorant system.

If you’re looking to replace your stand-alone colorant equipment in the next 6 to 12 months or are considering entering the market, a Spitfire Pump Injection System will reinvigorate your product and your bottom line.

Spitfire. Do the Math.