Coloring Technology Gone Mobile

October 28, 2014

By:  Scott Thompson, General Manager – Amerimulch

Since the inception of coloring wood fiber over 20 years ago the industry continues to grow and expand at a steady rate. Without a doubt, over that time there have been advances and innovations in coloring equipment technology. The introduction of creative ways to utilize colorant pump injection systems on processing equipment has satisfied a large percentage of those entering the market. While colorant pump systems have their pluses and minuses, a demand for mobile coloring technology and an affordable entry level system has gone unfilled until now. Amerimulch® is introducing the MobileTrom™.

The MobileTrom is a self-contained, stand-alone processing system, all you need to do is connect a water source and you are coloring mulch. The system comes with adjustable jack stands to stabilize the system while manufacturing but is easily broken down for transport. The system is equipped with a generator with enough power to operate the system and light ancillary equipment such as a tote mixer or power tools. The discharge stacker provides enough height to shove finished product away from the system, meaning the system only requires one operator.

The MobileTrom maintains the same features and benefits found in the ColorTrom. There are no paddles or shafts on the MobileTrom reducing replaceable wear parts and eliminating any pinch points that are always safety concerns. The color injection system starts and stops automatically based on material flow being detected. This feature eliminates colorant and water discharge when the hopper runs empty and contaminating finished product with uncolored material. The extended retention time provides complete coverage on any raw material source. Field testing has provided production ranges from 90 – 120 yards per hour depending on the percentage of fines and water application rates as low as 10 gallons per yard. Just like the original ColorTrom, the top feature of the system is its simplicity. Set the dials to the desired application rates and the system does the rest.

The MobileTrom has gathered interest from those looking to enter the mulch industry, current producers looking to expand their current capacity during peak season and producers with multiple sites requiring colored mulch production. If mobility is not a requirement, the system is also available in a stationary package with a generator option. Feel free to contact your local territory representative with any questions or our office at 888.556.3304 for more details.

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