Tech Specs


Amerimulch Colorant Tech Specs

Every aspect of our Heartland® Enriched Colorants has been re-engineered to ensure that the mulch you harvest stands up to the summer sun, the bitter days of winter and the many other moods of Mother Nature. To create the Heartland color palette, we start with the absolute highest quality pigments, add an advanced chemical package and process them with a state-of-the- art batching system. This combination is the only way to achieve the highest quality colorants in the business.

Fresher Products—Superior Performance

Recent manufacturing upgrades significantly increased our capacity, while allowing us to minimize inventory. As a result, Heartland Enriched Colorants come fresher from the factory to you in a consistent, homogenous blend. That assures you get consistent quality with every shipment. We also employ the strictest Total Quality Management standards (minimize the possibility of any contamination from lot to lot) to assure that each batch contains the exact properties of that particular shade.

Our liquid colorant formulation includes special humectants, color enhancers and adhesion promoters to enhance freeze-thaw stability and improve colorant performance. You’re assured the longest shelf life in the industry.

Better Penetration for More Consistent Coating

Our colorants are specially engineered to optimize viscosity, which ensures more volume and better coverage. Improved viscosity also creates superior pigment suspension, which minimizes the “sludge” effect from settling in containers. Not only do Heartland Enriched Colorants give you more yield, nothing else mixes as easily or as fast.

Technical Specifications


  • Super-fine particles (between 0.1 and 1.0 micron), with extremely high density.
  • Colorants readily mix with water, resulting in even coating and superior color intensity.
  • Contains premium surfactants and dispersants that increase color strength and durability.
  • The inorganic pigments that make up the heart of Heartland Colorants received industry-best ratings of 8.0 for light-fastness (on a scale of 0-8) and 5.0 for weather-fastness (on a 0-5 scale, with 5 as the maximum).
  • Spectrophotometrically-monitored to ensure chromaticity and consistency.