Tech Specs

Amerimulch Rubber Technical Specs

Color for Generations

Ricochet® colorants are created to withstand mother nature and rough child’s play. Our water-based formula is engineered to maximize adhesion and color development, creating a durable coating resulting in safe and fun ground cover for children’s areas and other landscaping applications. Beneficial use of crumb rubber has come a long way.

When Safety Is Key

Time tested and lab approved, Ricochet colorants, processed with Color-Safe Technology, can be trusted by parents, pet-owners and gardeners abound. With a uniquely-formulated bonding agent, Ricochet colorants coat crumb rubber and essentially become part of it. So there’s no chipping or peeling. Independent laboratory studies have concluded that our colorants meet the safety criteria of multiple national safety specifications.

Sound process. Sound products.

Establishing the perfect consistency in vibrancy and performance starts with our technically-designed formula and ends at the processing plant.

Technical Specifications


  • Super-fine particles (between 0.1 and 1.0 micron), with extremely high density.
  • Contains premium surfactants and dispersants that increase color binding strength and durability.
  • Richochet pigments received industry-best rating of 8.0 for light-fastness (scale of 0-8) and the maximum index for color-fastness 5.0 (scale of 0-5).
  • Spectrophotometrically-monitored to ensure chromaticity and consistency.
  • Quality controlled, batch-to-batch consistency to assure colorant performance.