Tech Specs


Amerimulch Aggregate Tech Specs

Aggregates are virtually indestructible, offer better drainage for plants and have gained broad consumer acceptance. Mix the resilience of stone with Amara® colorant and you’ve got a complete package. Long-lasting, aesthetically inviting landscaping in a spectrum of striking colors. The durability of aggregate will last season after season.

Art Meets Science

The pigment-to-binder ratio is critical in the aggregate coloring process, and we’ve got you covered. Amara colorants have been specially formulated with environmentally safe raw materials to provide maximum adherence and evenly coat the coarse substrate. The results are optimal in consistency of finished product and long-term durability.

Efficiency Is the Name of the Game

Fine, dense pigments blend with durable bonding agents in Amara’s water-based formulas to optimize coverage, volume and lifetime performance.

Technical Specifications


  • Super-fine particles (between 0.1 and 1.0 micron), with extremely high density.
  • Contains premium surfactants and dispersants that increase color binding strength and durability.
  • Amara pigments received industry-best rating of 8.0 for light-fastness (scale of 0-8) and the maximum index for color-fastness 5.0 (scale of 0-5).
  • Spectrophotometrically-monitored to ensure chromaticity and consistency.
  • Colorants readily mix with water, resulting in even coating and superior color intensity.
  • Quality controlled, batch-to-batch consistency to assure colorant performance.