Rubber Colorant Safety

Amerimulch Rubber Safety

Tried and True

At Amerimulch®, not only do we stand on our products, we stand by them, too. We produce non-hazardous water-based rubber colorants that are free of harmful toxins. Our Color-Safe Technology means they are safe for plants, animals and children. Recent lab tests concluded that, when coatings are fully cured according to specifications, all Ricochet® products met the criteria established by:

  • The American National Standard Specifications to Minimize Hazards to Children from Residual Surface Coating Materials- F963-96a (4.3.5 Paint and Similar Coating Material).
  • The Consumer Products Safety Act- Considered not to be toxic according to 16 CFR (Consumer Products Safety Commission).
  • The Federal Hazardous Substance Act for lead content and flammability.