Mulch Colorant Safety

Amerimulch Safety

Safe and Attractive For Your Home and Yard

Heartland® colorants are safe for use around your yard and home, and are safe for your pets and kids to play around. Our commitment to the environment means that we formulate our colorants to be not only effective, but safe.

Our colorants are water-based instead of the more harmful solvent-based coatings used in other industries. We strive to keep our environment healthier by designing our colorants to be low VOC (volatile organic content). VOCs are the organic chemical compounds that can be harmful to the environment and are regulated in paints, stains and other coatings.

Amerimulch® submitted our Heartland Ultra Colorants to an independent, accredited laboratory for testing. The results showed our colorants, which were studied for acute exposure through ingestion, inhalation, dermal contact, and eye contact, qualify for Category IV, the lowest-concern category the test recognizes.