Mulch Colorant Lines

Extraordinary Color – Consistent Coating

Our scientifically designed formulations don’t just color mulch; they are engineered for batch-to-batch pigment consistency in order to transform your wood fiber with vibrant and enduring color. Our Heartland® Enriched Colorants will perform for you season after season, year after year. We have specially formulated our colorants to optimize viscosity, ensuring more volume and better coating – improved viscosity means less settling. From Ultra, Premium to True, our versatile colorant lines have a product to meet your needs no matter what your fiber or your production range, and with our multiple manufacturing locations across the country your colorant will arrive fresher and faster whenever you need it.

Our Heartland colorants are the standard that all other competitors strive to meet. To keep widening the gap we have enhanced our formulations through improved ingredients that are available today, along with manufacturing improvements to better disperse all of our colorants. The net results are better popping reds and richer coating browns and blacks. We trust you will notice the difference in the Bold and Vibrant new look of Heartland.