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Our Values

We’ll Help You Grow Your Business

When we’re working together, we become one vast market movement, driving toward the same goal and shaping the industry with the same precision. Already, we’ve been able to shift mulch away from being a commodity and push its perception toward that of a top-tier, color-enriched product. But we still have work to do.

For this reason–bringing constant, relevant benefits to our company and our industry – Amerimulch® holds strongly to these core values:

  • We believe our business is driven by quality, fairness, innovation and an enduring pursuit to provide Real Tangible Value© to all the customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and communities we serve.
  • We will strive to grow a profitable, innovative, stable business that never compromises our integrity, environment, customers or associates.

We take these values very seriously. We hope you’ll see them at work on your yard – and enable you to run a highly successful operation.