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A Commitment To You

A Commitment To You

Once you enter the Amerimulch® family, you can rest assured we’ll bring a hands-on, in-person commitment to your yard, no matter where it’s located.

It’s normal for Amerimulch representatives to visit a customer’s yard and spend a few days reviewing the mulch-production process, colorant usage and pricing model. Our representatives are on the front lines each day. With their knowledge and work ethic, they will help you find an optimal production and pricing level, so you can be as profitable as possible.

Additionally, we continue to develop the value of Heartland® Enriched Colorants from the consumer perspective, with websites like, so your product can continue to elevate above the other mulch producers in your area.

From the Amerimulch Quarterly Newsletter, which charts industry trends and insights, to our biennial Customer Tribute and Technical Conference to any number of other outside-the-box initiatives we develop, each associate of Amerimulch brings a commitment to individual customers that is uncommon in the marketplace.

Truly, we are here to help you succeed. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.